Stabicraft Southern Crew

Our hand-picked mix of local and imported talent brings the skills, knowledge and experience we know you need for a SUPERIOR boat-ownership experience.

Hayden Sayer

Retail Sales Manager

Hayden is a true blue Southlander.  He loves boats, fishing and has a serious need for speed. This pretty much summarises how Hayden ended up at Stabicraft Southern. With 15-years’ experience as a marine professional, Hayden brings a wealth of knowledge to the Stabicraft Southern team, under-written by an intuitive understanding of how the locals use boats.

Quintin Hibbs

Marine Technician

Working as a car mechanic for 20+ years, Quintin has switched to marine for a challenge and something new. Quintin and his family built their dream home in Wallacetown just west of Invercargill. His shed is bigger than the house (priorities sorted).

Cho Herewini

Marine Technician

Cho spent time in the New Zealand Navy as a marine engineer, traveling across the globe to various countries including, South Korea, Canada, Australia and the US. Now based in Southland Cho enjoys the hunting and fishing lifestyle the region has to offer.

Tyron Wilson


Tyron is currently working through his apprenticeship as a marine technician with Stabicraft Southern. He has been gaining experience servicing outboard and fitting out new boats.